Pro Home Systems is committed to delivering a custom system that not only performs as specified, but also integrates well into the design of your business or residence. Most systems involve more detail than meets the eye. How we approach these are some of the things that make Pro Home Systems unique. In fact, we are more than an audio/video company. We are one of a handful of companies within Western Colorado incorporating the skill and experience required to design and install systems of high complexity. We are also aware of project schedules therefore you can count on us, not only to show up when we say well be there but to provide timely installation of equipment according to the project schedule.

Pro Home Systems was born out of need. New technologies and increasingly diverse product categories can be confusing and hard to sort thru when designing a new project.  With over twenty eight years of industry experience, we understand how the market has changed.  We are there to help you make intelligent and informed choices. Consumer Electronics are both our business and our pastime. Understanding leading edge concepts and inventing innovative solutions is our passion. Offering top-notch products, superior advice and outstanding customer service will always be our first commitment.

Not only will we give you a hand by designing and providing a system that will meet your requirements our design team and technical staff is with you throughout the project with constant site visits to keep tabs on project. We provide thorough documentation to track requested changes and additions as the project comes together and are in continuous communication with the architect; builder, cabinet designer and homeowner to ensure all details are covered. System layout diagrams, drawings and equipment lists with dimensions are typically provided.

Every project is as personal as its owners. Therefore we custom design each system to integrate seamlessly, thus complementing the individual’s styles and needs. Throughout and after a project we do our utmost to provide you with superior service and a pleasurable experience, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. It is how have built our reputation as a leader in this business.